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Meet Jenny

Founder, alchemist and earth steward behind Cosmic Mother


Jenny is a healer, a problem solver, an herbalist, flower practitioner and energy worker, a writer, a recovering rule follower, and a curious student of spiritual teachings.  She is delighted to make her home in Shokan, NY with her partner, Ariel, and their two rescue pups.


It is here that she recovered from her years of corporate life - where she was good at her job as a program manager, but never satisfied as she wasn't even close to being aligned with her life’s purpose.  

As she continues to strip away years of programming and societal and familial conditioning, the plants support her every step of the way. She continues to deepen into connection with nature and the energy around her. She continues to connect more and more deeply with her own energy and her own guidance.

Jenny is available for private energy sessions and flower essence consults. 


She is currently enrolled in Etheric Gardening training with Maryam Hasnaa. Jenny is a reiki master (Reiki 1, 2 and Masters with Maha Rose, BK & Mexico) and certified yoga teacher (200YTT Laughing Lotus, BK).  And if you want to go way back, she has a degree in English (UMASS) and an MBA from NYU.



Working for herself and co-creating with the Universe is a dream come true. She truly didn't realize how broken she was, until she came to live immersed in nature and surrendered to the healing available to her from the plants. 

Cosmic Mother is an expression of the energy of the cosmos and the energy of mother earth channeled into creation through Jenny's heart - Jenny as the human expressing these energies through her heart

Living her life in devotion and in ceremony with the plants, every day is a query to the divine - I am a clear channel, what would you like to express through me today?


Cosmic Mother out in the World

You can find me at local markets, festivals and fairs this Fall. Also available at Everyday Magic in Woodstock NY.

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