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'The flowers will save us all.'

Hand Crafted

I craft the plant medicine offerings by hand, collecting botanicals that I grow from seed in the garden or sustainably wildcraft from the abundant land of the Catskill Mountains surrounding me. 



Nurturing and loving these creations each step of the way, infuses them with a frequency that further enhances the abundant magic the plants already bring.


Right Relationship

I believe in creating deep relationships with the plants that go into these creations, and getting to know them intimately. I make offerings and give thanks to nature each day in an effort to reciprocate all that they give to us.


'You are your own
best healer.'


Energy Clearing

We ALL have the ability to listen to our bodies and connect in to our highest wisdom. It takes practice in clearing out the external noises and energies that are distracting us and taking us away from ourselves.



Reiki is the universal light energy that is all around us, all of the time. Tapping into this infinite source can bring healing and clearing to our bodies, minds and spirits.


Flowers + Energy = Magic

Flower essences help us connect in with the specific, unique frequency of a flower. It's the vibration of the flower suspended in liquid and available to attune our systems to that flower medicine.

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