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Connecting with Wild Violet

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

bright purple violet in sun
wild violet in grass

I've been sitting with the essence for a while now. I'm out by the pond with the violets and the strawberry flowers and the moss and the junipers and the fading daffodils. I at first was called to just lie on my towel, take my shoes off and feel the Earth, the breeze, the flies, the grass beneath my feet tickling my ankles. The violets wanted me to give them the offering of silence, of just being, not doing or thinking. They wanted me to lay. The to-do list has been going strong, my mind running incessantly. The violets want me to just be. The dogs are inside, which is so freeing and peaceful.

After a while of laying with my mind still being busy, I rolled to my belly and connected myself from my womb to the womb of the Mother. I turned my head to the left to see the violets cheery face, vibrant and rich between the bright blades of grass.

Hello, she said, I see you. I'm not thinking of anything at all except being a violet. And I'm not even thinking about how to do that. It just comes naturally. It's all I can do is be this violet in the grass out by the pond with my other violet friends. Isn't it sublime? Isn't it incredible? It's all I know and look how incredible I am - just by being me. That's it. Just violet and that's it. What else would I do? What else is there to think? To say? I'm quietly, powerfully, beautifully a violet. No more. No less. Just brilliant purple in the grass.

I'm here every year. Most of the time no one even notices me. It was years and years that I was here in the grass and no one - no human even knew, even cared. I'm grateful you are here and that I can bring you some joy but I'm doing this even if you don't come. But I see the smile that comes to your lips when you spot me on your walks. I am grateful to be noticed and appreciate our time together.

I may look fragile or delicate but I am mighty. I hold so much medicine for you humans. Most have no idea. Maybe you will tell them? You will! Thank you! I want them to know. I want you to heal. I want you all to shine your lights your own special color of violet, blue, white, purple, green. But it's hard for you to do. I see that. I feel that. I am here to help. All of us are here to help. Thank you for sharing the word. I love you. I love you all. I love this existence down here in the dirt. I wish you to love your existence up there on Earth. We can do this together.

pale purple violet with grass in sun
single violet in grass


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