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Botanical Cleansing Oil - still using soap to 'wash' your face? Did you know you are stripping your skins natural oils from your face? This can dry you out, irritate your skin and be a factor in premature aging.


It is much gentler and beneficial for your face to use a cleansing oil. Applied on dry skin, it helps to not only cleanse (yes, even makeup and sunscreen!), unclog pores, lock in moisture and soften the skin. I started doing this years ago with DHC cleansing oil, a cult favorite from Japan.


With this botanical version, I upped the benefits by infusing the olive oil and avocado oil with calendula and thyme. Calendula is such a supportive skin ally, helping to cleanse and soften, while thyme's potent anti-bacterial properties really get after anything trapped in those pores.


Each of the included oils are gorgeous for the skin and their skin nourishing properties are elevated even more with the help of plants (and a vegetable!) from the garden and the wild. Throw in few drops of the best essential oils for your face, and your skin is going to be glowing and healing and loving all these vitamin packed, anti-inflammatory super stars.



Apply to a dry face. Gently massage over the entire face. You can remove eye makeup by placing the oil on a cotton pad and wiping directly over the eyelid and lashes.


Wipe off with a warm facecloth.


For a quickie, spa experience, wet a facecloth with hot water, rinse it, and place it over your face. The hotter the better as you can get a little mini-steam. You can then wipe off any remaining oil. I like to put the oil on before I step into a shower and then steam and wipe off in there.


Follow with a hydrosol and botanical face serum :)


For educational purposes only

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botanical cleansing oil

  • thyme infused olive oil; calendula infused avocado oil

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