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Botanical Hair Oil - this oil not only tames fly aways, it is a powerhouse in supporting scalp and hair health through the ancient ritual of scalp oiling. A nourishing blend of rosemary, lavender, and rose infused oils, perfect for promoting healthy hair growth. Rosemary and lavender stimulate hair follicles, while rose nourishes and strengthens hair from root to end.


Apply a few drops on the ends of dry hair or treat yourself to a scalp massage - resulting in increased circulation, lymphatic support and an immunity boost. Rosemary's healing properties repair damaged nerve tissue, keeping hair longer, stronger, and healthier. The aromatherapy calms and relaxes. There are no essential oils added to this blend, but the rosemary and lavender shine through in the potent herbal infused oil.



To tame frizz - apply just a few drops (too much will leave your hair weighed down and greasy) to dry ends.


To scalp oil - the quickie or the full ritual:

  • Quickie - you can drop the serum directly on your scalp and massage in gently in circular motions. You can do either your full scalp or spot treatment on areas where hair might be thinning or need some extra support. Try to leave on at least 10 minutes before shampooing as usual.


  • Full ritual - here's where it gets fun! Apply serum directly to your scalp - you can place it down your part, or to the left and right of your scalp and don't forget the back. Massage in gently in circular motions. Take your time here and really enjoy the stimulation of your scalp - this is bringing energy to the area, draining lymph and improving circulation which all stimulate hair strength.


  • Once your scalp is nourished, any excess oil can be distributed down your hair to the ends. And now you can either wrap your head or tie it up into a bun or pony. In an ideal situation you can leave this on for about 24 hours - or apply in the evening before bed and leave it overnight (make sure to either wrap your head or have pillowcases you don't mind getting oily). 


  • For the full self-care experience, try to rest and take it easy while the oil is on your head. You are opening your crown and also energetically and spiritually opening up. I don't like to go out into the world while I'm scalp oiling and tend to be more protective of my energy. There is not always time or space for the full ritual, but it's so nice when you can swing it.


  • Shampoo as usual once you feel complete. 


Scalp oiling frequency is up to you and your hair. I like to do it once a week or so, but your hair may ask for it more or less often.  Have fun with it and experiment with what works best for you. The plants will let you know :)


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botanical hair oil

  • rosemary infused argan oil; lavender infused avocado oil; rose infused almond oil

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