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Travel Pouches for three little glass vials of plant support on the go!


These pouches are handmade with so much love. They are all unique and you can pick your pattern or leave it to the fates. The pouch is lined with batting so there is extra protection for the glass bottles and they are secured with heavy duty snaps. I have at least one in my bag at all times!


You can mix and match with any .5 oz item OR choose from the curated selection of:



- Portals Flower Essence Blend

- Uplifting Botanical Body Oil

- Heal Your Heart Tincture


Nervous System Nourishment

- Tulsi Hydrosol

- Soothe Your Soul Tincture

- Grounding Body Oil


Sunshiney Day

- Shine Your Light Tincture

- Uplifting Body Oil

- Summer Solstice Flower Essence (calling in and holding more light)


Protection Pouch

- Mugwort Hydrosol/Protection Spray

- Pink Yarrow Flower Essence (creating and maintaining boundaries)

- Grounding Body Oil


Travel Support

- Lavender Hydrosol/Linen Spray

- Rest Your Head Tincture

- Tired Feet Oil


Skincare Support

- Cleansing Oil

- Flower Power Hydrosol

- Botanical Face Serum


For mix and match choose any oil, any tincture, any flower essence or hydrosol. Please send me an email or note with your order which you would like. Or reach out and we can create a pouch together based on what you are looking for. 


All tinctures made with freshly gathered plants - which were either grown from seed or ethically wildcrafted in the Catskills.  Using fresh plants results in a well-balanced, higher potency tincture than using dry herbs.  The plants were infused into alcohol (vodka or brandy) for at least 2 moon cycles (at least 8 weeks).  The plants were then strained from the alcohol  and the alcohol retained both the water-soluble and alcohol-soluble properties of the plants.  


As with all herbs, research and seek guidance before use.



Tinctures can be used for immediate action, but typically working with a plant over a period of time will result in greater benefit.  You can put the tincture directly in your mouth or it might be more pleasant to add to a small glass of water or other beverage given the sometimes strong alcohol taste. 


Start small with a half dropperful or so.  Up to 30 drops can be taken 1-3 x per day.


For educational purposes only

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

handmade travel pouches

  • please see the individual product pages for a full list of ingredients for each item