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I love to use the abundant mugwort as the base in my smudge sticks. It is a native plant that grows wild and everywhere here. So very generous. Mugwort is a protective guardian who switftly clears stuck or blocked energy with grace and ease. It has a long history of use in Pagan traditions. Mugwort is also known for dream work and smudging your bed before sleeping can help you drift off into lucid dreaming.


I sometimes add in a bit of yarrow or goldenrod or lavender for color and their aromatics as well.  All included botanicals are supportive in cleansing and offer smoke medicine.


The smudge sticks are 12+" long.



See some tips throughout the description for ways to work with all the elements in this ritual. The lighter or matches are fire, your smudge stick and the plants are the earth... more below.


Light the non-bound end. After it's burning for a bit, blow it out carefully. You can continue to blow on the lit end to keep the smoke smoking if it starts to slow down. It's nice to have a little bowl or plate that you use when walking around with the lit stick to catch the little ashes that may flake off. I like to use a sea shell for this, as that brings in the water element.


You can 'smudge' yourself or friends and/or a room or house.  To smudge a human (or animal) you can waft the smoke around their body (I like to use a feather to do this, as that brings in the air element). Work your way from the head or crown and continue down to the feet. Start with the front body and than also be sure to smudge the back as well. That's where some energies can linger because we often forget to cleanse that area.


For a full proper room cleansing, you want to walk around the room clockwise three times, being sure to get up in the corners and all the nooks and crannies. As you do this, you should be voicing out loud what it is that you are asking to leave the room (fear, anger, bitterness, etc.) . After three turns, you continue by walking around the room with your smudge stick counter-clockwise. This time, speaking out loud that which you are inviting into the space (love, joy, laughter, etc.).  To cleanse a house, you do this practice from room to room. 


You can do an abbreviated smudge by walking around the room or a specific area with the smoke to do a quick clearing. It is important to have at least one windor or door open - again, so that you can allow that stuck energy a place to exit. 


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mugwort smudge stick

  • mugwort

    may include - goldenrod, lavender, yarrow 

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